Push Forward

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According to new research, giving birth is more difficult than running 26.2 consecutive miles AKA a MARATHON.

That's right – your body was made to not only birth out a new life, but it's harder than running for around four hours.  So why do we expect women to participate in this epic endurance activity with such little training?

Based on research conducted at the University of Michigan (U-M), labor and delivery is the most traumatic event a body can go through. Researchers analyzed MRI scans of birth injuries and sports injuries and found the aftermath of childbirth is a lot like injuries sustained in endurance sports. Janis Miller, associate professor at the U-M School of Nursing, states: “We have this thing where we tell women, 'Well, you're six weeks postpartum and now we don't need to see you—you'll be fine.' But not all women feel fine after six weeks, nor are ready to go back to work or exercise, and they aren't crazy.”

Push Forward is designed to help you prepare for your Birthing journey. This package will help you understand your pelvis, pelvic floor, help you gain awareness in how you use these muscles as well as how to optimize their use.This knowledge and training will help you with your delivery, the fourth trimester and beyond. Utilizing hands on personal training – you will be confident and prepared for your unique birth ultra journey.

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Push Forward: Birth and 4th Trimester Preparedness:

3 session Package: $400
Designed for those with uncomplicated pregnancy to:

  • Provide high level, individualized education of the pelvic region and birth needs

  • Instruction for pelvic awareness and coordination for the birth process and improve injury prevention

  • Training for pelvic floor muscle activation and exercise

  • 4th Trimester exercise education, instruction and programing

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