Professional Mentoring

I love being a pelvic physical therapist (PPT) and the focus I get to have with one on one patient care. But unlike the majority of other PT, as the clinician, you are in a room without support, mentorship or even quick feedback. This can make starting or even transitioning to seeing pelvic health clients scary. But you are not alone! Let me empower you on everything from how to speak with patients so that they engage in the evaluation, evidence based integrative treatment strategies, ideas for community and professional marketing, and the specific needs you have as a clinician starting or working in a dynamic pelvic health program.

Packages and Pricing for Professional Mentoring:

By video call or phone call:

  • 12 sessions - $1000

    • Up to 60 minutes each

  • 8 sessions - $720

    • Up to 60 minutes each

  • 4 sessions - $380

    • Up to 60 minutes each

  • 60 min session - $98

  • 30 min session - $60

Schedule your session

Contact Amanda at or 828.738.2332 to schedule your professional mentoring session.

professional pelvic physical therapy mentoring and teaching