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Pelvic Forward is committed to evidence-based training and personalized care to optimize your day-by-day progress.

Staying up to date with the ever evolving research and guidelines helps provide the best care for you. With over ten years of advanced training in pelvic rehabilitation, I provide dynamic expertise, contact, and accountability driven by my passion for pelvic health.  


Most people have never heard of Pelvic Physical Therapy let alone worked with a Pelvic PT. I get it! Your comfort and goals are my focus.

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When you come for the first visit we will talk about your story and what led you to Pelvic Forward PT. During this time you will have an individualized assessment and treatment as well as have time to learn about your body and utilize educational tools. This evaluation begins your journey forward to meet your goals and reach your pelvic stardom!

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Your first session will be between 1.5 - 2 hours. During that time, you will have a detailed evaluation in a private treatment room. We will review your medical history, current conditions, and your concerns. After this review an evaluation of your strength, range of motion, muscles, tissues, nerves, and movement patterns in order to develop a plan of care tailored for you.

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Throughout the session I will teach and provide you with educational tools.  These tools will help you learn more about your body, achieve your goals and get you back to doing what you love. It is important to me that YOU are involved in your treatment and care –  so please ask questions! In order to get the most out of the time spent in this session, please print and complete you new patient forms to bring with you or submit to amanda@pelvicforward.com at least 24 hours before your first appointment.

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Your Last Visit

Once you have reached your goals of therapy, we will do a formal assessment.  You will also be provided your personal maintenance program. This will assist you and further your forward progression in order to prevent future issues.

You can also choose to transition to one of our wellness programs, schedule a follow-up visit after a few weeks of independent training, or book an annual reassessment.

Pelvic Forward is here to always be your resource! You can use email after discharge to reach out regarding advances in your home progress, questions, or any other way we can serve you.

Our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account are a great way to stay up to date on new exercise ideas, blog articles, new research and global resources.