Pricing & Packages

Pelvic Forward is committed to research based training and cooperative personalized care that optimizes your day by day progress. I provide dynamic expertise, contact and accountability driven by my passion for pelvic health.


evaluaton - $230

This first session is organized so you have ample time to tell your story and be heard, balanced with abundant education and individualized hands on assessment and treatment. The evaluation begins your journey forward to meet your goals and live the life you aspire to. This provides a strong foundation for your advancement and pelvic stardom.

  • Includes ~2 hour assessment

  • In depth history and subjective evaluation

  • Education pelvic and pelvic floor anatomy, function, physiology and dysfunction

  • Orthopedic exam of low back, hips, abdomen and pelvis

  • Pelvic Floor examination and evaluation combining historic and technically advanced methods

  • Plan of care template for clinic and personal copy, professionally aided and/or self discovery

  • Initial individualized home program with supplemental materials

asheville physical therapy for pelvis and abdominal region

Pelvic Physical Therapy (PPT) Packages:

*All Physical Therapy packages are for established patients after an evaluation.

As standard care of practice, every sessions starts with a progress report and post session assessment. A formal re-evaluation of your goals and all aspects of treatment will be provided after several sessions.

  • 12 visits - $1200

  • 8 visits - $820

  • 6 visits - $630

  • By the visit:

    • 60 minute tx - $110
      Manual therapy, exercise and HEP as needed

    • 30 minute maintenance treatment - $60
      For manual therapy or exercise progression/feedback

  • By Location:

    • $30 - $100+
      Want an ergonomic assessment at home? Want me to work at the gym with you? Or at Beaver Lake watching you push the stroller or stride it out? Expert manual therapy in the privacy of your home? We can do that. The fee covers the cost of transportation and time away from the clinic.

Over the course of three years, Amanda was there for me during any kind of relapse and was my primary support when I became pregnant. She helped me find the perfect pilates studio where she knew my issues would be understood and managed, she referred me to a physician who specializes in pelvic pain who would later help me navigate my pregnancy, and she herself saw me as much as was necessary to keep my pain under control. Her technique is exact, without any superfluidity (much appreciated in this line of work) and her true desire to create a better quality of life for her patients is what sets her apart. I would never wish pelvic floor pain on anyone, but I can recommend Amanda without any hesitation to each any every woman and man that may need her expertise.
— Emilie K.