What is
Pelvic Forward?


I’m Amanda Hayes Fugate, a Pelvic Physical Therapist in Asheville, North Carolina.

Do you have that friend who is really comfortable talking about bodily functions, sex, the pelvic floor? Well, I am that friend. I have been interested in pelvic health all my life. I am the go-to person for friends, family and my community and pride myself in making topics that make people uncomfortable safe and accessible.

This led to my work-life mission and passion: PelviC Physical Therapy (Pelvic PT).

I attended Western Carolina University with the unique goal of being a pelvic health therapist. After graduating I created a pelvic health program from the ground up for an outpatient physical therapy practice in the Asheville NC area.  I also teach for the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute.

After over a decade of work & experience - I opened my own pelvic health practice: Pelvic Forward

What is a pelvic specialist?

I diagnose, evaluate, and treat many conditions including pain in your pelvic and abdominal regions, hip and lower back pain, prenatal and postpartum conditions, bladder dysfunction, constipation, post-surgical conditions and general orthopedic conditions.

Sessions may include soft tissue and/or joint mobilizations, alignment correction, exercise, neuro re-education, biofeedback, and more. The treatment plan will be individualized based on your symptoms and progression towards your goals.

Through working with Amanda I was able to find freedom from pain as well as be equipped with the tools to help prevent my pain from returning after we finished my treatment. She is nothing but professional and simply the best!
— Stacie W.